ATTENTION VOTERS: Depending on where you live, you may need two or three ballots to exercise all your voting options, and you will need to check-in separately for each ballot.  Ask questions to be sure you receive all the ballots you're entitled to.

If you haven't received an absentee ballot you've requested, you can go to an early voting site or vote at your own polling place on election day.  Polling places have changed, so check the postcard you got from the Board of Elections, or their website.

Kim Smith's Top Issues

Our Jobs

  • Problem: Unemployment is increasing.

  • What Kim will do: Prioritize creating local jobs, for a resilient and sustainable future. 


Our Education

  • Problem: School budgets are being cut when they need to be raised

  • What Kim will do: Reject a foundational aid formula that amplifies existing inequalities between districts, and prioritize a needs-based formula.


Our Housing

  • Problem: Increasing housing costs combined with declining household incomes

  • What Kim will do: Increase subsidies to lower and middle-income home buyers and renters.


Our Health Care

  • Problem: Affordability and accessibility of quality health care

  • What Kim will do: Support the NYS Health Act that will remove the inequities of the health care system by allowing every individual to receive quality health care regardless of their insurance carrier and income.


Our Environment

  • Problem: Accelerating climate change plus health problems caused by air and water pollution (cancer, asthma, emphysema)

  • What Kim will do: Let’s build local jobs while we convert to clean renewable energy and cut energy use through insulation, new building standards, and demand management.

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